Motivated Motion

THE SESSIONS#5- With Elsie Lynn Leyland #5- "The Exercise in Positive"

(Prerequisite to this class in #1)

Prepayment by 4 days prior to the class you want to attend is essential.

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The ultimate instigation of self-healing begins with a single action in one state of mind.-Eslie

An absolute change in attitude and perspective of how we need to view ourselves and the world at large. 

You will learn to turn any negative into a positive. You will walk away with all the tools to deal with those who "bring you down",  "suck your energy", "psychically attack you"  The clue is it's not their problem.  You cannot change them, but you can change your energy and how you focus it.

This class is available in Oshawa at The Motivated Motion Studio:

May 24th, 2016 7-10pm,     Sept 19th, 2016  7-10pm,     Feb 20th, 2017  7-10pm,                          May 1st, 2017 7-10pm,     July 10th, 2016  7-10pm

This class is available in Stouffville at Moonflower's Magical Touch:

July 9th, 2016 4-7,     Dec 10, 2016 4-7