Motivated Motion

THE PSYCHIC PARTY DEPOSIT $100.00(covers a minimum of 5/15min reading) with Elsie Lynn Leyland

Do you live in the Greater Toronto Ontario area and would like to book a Psychic Party? Contact us at to book your date now. After we have confirmed the date is available you then need to click this order to place your deposit of $100.00.  This covers a minimum of 5 fifteen minute readings. 

If you want to customize the event to have a group Platform Mediumship Experience the price per person is the same. $20.00/person with a minimum of 5 people.

We don't come out for a party at the discounted rates for less than the five readings.  If you have more than 5 people coming or want longer then a total 1hr 15min of readings then the balance can be paid at the event. We will keep in touch with you to help you plan the best Psychic Party ever. We will accomodate you with extra Mediums for larger scale events like Stag and Doe's, Wedding Entertainment, Sideshow Entertainment for large numbers, Fairs, Fundraisers, etc.  We have up to 7 Mediums available to work as a team with Elsie.

If you want to add a Metaphysical Shopping Spree to your Party we can bring the Motivated Motion Metaphysical Shop to you for your event.

We take: Cash, Debit, and Credit Cards at the event. No Cheques Please. We give receipts and are a licensed business.

Your Deposit is non-refundable. It can be exchanged for another date, or products from our store.

Motivated Motion's Medium Elsie Lynn Leyland offers a super discount price for her readings.  SHOW PRICE IS $20.00/for every 15min  her regular price is $37.50/every 15min

Why are they discounted?  She offers no digital recording option from her and they are in a very public setting.  Plus they are based on her "Group Rate"

Elsie offers Psychometry, or Rune Card Readings for her price.

Rune Cards are a 25 card self-development deck that tells YOUR story in three ways, Spiritual and Divine Connection, The Pace of the Path, and Your Personal Story for three months prior to reading, time current with the reading, and three months after the reading.

Psychometry is the ability to get messages by touching a personal object, photograph, or hand-written item, or simply by touching one's hand for a moment.

In either case if Spirit Messages come through as well, Elsie will tell them.

Platform Mediumship Option:  This Flat Rate option is $20.00 per person.  Everyone can sit comfortably in a living room together and Elsie will come to the group with Spirit Messages. She will do her best to get something for everyone, but she cannot guarantee everyone will get a message.  She also cannot guarantee who you will hear from.  We get the messages we need, not necessarily the messages we want.

Elsie welcomes you to take notes, record and take photographs of the reading yourself.

All Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Elsie does not do reading for persons under 18 yrs of age. You will be asked to prove your age.