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SHOW PRICE Reading (30 min) With Elsie Lynn Leyland

At Psychic Fairs and Public Events our Resident Psychic Medium Elsie Lynn Leyland offers a super discount price for her readings.  SHOW PRICE IS $75.00/30min.

If you order this reading for a Psychic fair you can pre-book your time prior to the fair dates starting.  Email us at to pr-book your appmt at our next show.  Our shows are listed in the blog and events.

She offers a digital recording with her readings.  She records the reading and will email you the recording in MP3 format.

Elsie offers Psychometry, or Rune Card Readings for her price.

Rune Cards are a 25 card self-development deck that tells YOUR story in three ways, Spiritual and Divine Connection, The Pace of the Path, and Your Personal Story for three months prior to reading, time current with the reading, and three months after the reading.

Psychometry is the ability to get messages by touching a personal object, photograph, or hand-written item, or simply by touching one's hand for a moment.

In either case if Spirit Messages come through as well, Elsie will tell them.

Elsie welcomes you to take notes, and take photographs of the reading yourself. You can not pay this price for a reading for two people.  The only way another person can sit with you is if they are there to help you remember points, or to listen.  They may not ask any questions.  It is suggested that you take the reading on your own as your messages are private for you alone.

All Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Elsie does not do reading for persons under 18 yrs of age. You will be asked to prove your age.