Motivated Motion


Lynn and Carl are happy to announce we have been rolling again since the spring, but we kept it low key as Lynn was still recovering from surgery from last year and the recovery was slower than expected.

You can buy NOW from us the following products:   JuicePlus+ Nutritional Products, and Jamberry Nail Care Products.  JuicePlus+ and Tower Garden from JuicePlus+ are featured separately in the tabs. Jamberry has a shop site and a How-to Video tab. Shop to your heart's content and have it shipped directly to your home.

We offer The Crafty Ritual Spiritual Products Online again in 2016 when we slow down a bit with  Vendor Events and Trade Shows.

If you have specific items you would like in the mean time you can email us at: for one-on-one service and we can make arrangements for you to do personal shopping at our Oshawa Studio, or we can personally do your order via email.

Our stock is dynamic while we do shows every weekend, and we are on tour for over the summer doing shows, but we can pull stock and get it to you if we have it.

We restock these products regularly: white sage bundles(several sizes), sweet grass (large and small), 4 Directions,  Abalone Shells (two sizes), Herb bundles, Ritual Smoke, Ritual Tobacco, Candles, Incense, Charcoal Briquettes for incense, Crystals, Polished stones, Medicine Bags, Himalayan Salt Crystal lamps and tealights, Crystal Balls (assorted crystal and sizes), Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Angel Cards, Angel Products, Pendulums, Dowsing Rods, Books, Alter Cloths, Alter Products, Cauldrons (several Sizes), Yoga Pillows, Singing Bowls, Tinka Bells, Tuning Forks, and much more.....

We boast to have the best prices in Ontario for these products.