Motivated Motion


Motivated Motion has evolved from a logistics company when Lynn was a long haul trucker and driving instructor, to a crafting business when she retired in 2005. Lynn is a fibre artist and jewelry creator.  She loves to work with natural products, crystals and lamp work glass. Lynn's greatest pride as an artist is her needle felted miniatures of people's pets. She uses great detailed work to make miniatures in homage of others' animals.

Lynn Tucker is the  proprietor of Motivated Motion.

Lynn is a rep for JuicePlus+ and Tower Garden.  A great nutritional supplement direct marketing business.  After her 120lb weight loss she decided to become a rep as JuicePlus+ helps keep her nutritionally balanced and energy charged to keep her small body healthy.

Lynn is a medium and teaches Psychic Development and instruction on Spirituality at the Motivated Motion Studio MEETUP:

Carl Tucker is a certified Hypnotist.  He specializes in 7th Path Self-Hypnosis, and also can help people with anxiety, weight loss, quitting smoking, and stress management.

Lynn and Carl Tucker own Motivated Motion South Hill Designs.  A great online jewelry shop and home party program.  They also have developed a wonderful fundraising program through their South Hill Designs Business.

Lynn owns Beyond The Mundane, a crazy radio show hosted by  Elsie Lynn Leyland.  The show is on hiatus while Elsie is on Tour. You can listen to archived shows at:  Click the ListenLive button on the site to hear the radio station.


Elsie Lynn Leyland is a Paranormal Investigator.  She is a trainer and expert in Psychic development. She is well known for Psychometry ability, her healing ability. Elsie is also a medium  she is very involved with the Spiritualist Church.  She studied at The Ontario Bible College and Theological Seminary.  She does a lot of public platform mediumship for charity.  She is often a featured medium on Canadian Weekend at The Lilly Dale Assembly in Lilly Dale NY, Long August Weekend.

 Motivated Motion will be traveling to many Psychic Fairs and Craft and Artisan Shows throughout Ontario.  Please check the EVENTS tab for details, or email us with your questions.