Motivated Motion

I find marketing strategies are changing constantly now.  I try really hard to keep up with all of the trends in marketing, but I constantly feel like I fall behind with the trends. Our business has absolutely evolved from our Clients' needs. When we have evolutions within Motivated Motion they fulfill two things: either our Retail Customer has requested the item, or we are adjusting our world to accomodate our own need. I would not have been able to predict how much Motivated Motion would change since year 2000 when it was founded. In 2000 Motivated Motion was my logistics company when I drove long haul truck across the Americas. Then in 2003 it evolved to accomodate my new Drving Instruction company. In 2005 when I retired I shelved the business for one year, then blossomed it in 2006 as my new Crafting Company, and my Etsy shop grew out of that. Then of course we evolved to a full retail business. In 2014 I fractured my back and decided to pack in the retail shop and re-jig our creative home studio to accomodate the business. During the 2013 season we also purchased a radio show and added another corporation to the collection. The Beyond The Mundane radio show addresses our customer base's interests and we have a platform for advertizement. Each piece of this business puzzle would evolve from customer questions wants and needs. So in the 2014 evolution of Motivated Motion we removed our created jewelry line and replaced it with our South Hill line. This was to allow me to concentate on our fibre creations line so it still feels like a hobby. The metaphysical products were added in 2012 to enhance our created lines to satisfy our like-minded customers. Through my personal journey of monsterous amount of weight loss, nutrition supplements became important. Folks constantly asked me what I was doing to help me keep my energy up and stay well. Thus in 2015 we added our Juice Plus+ line to the products we sell.  Jamberry strictly came out of marketing strategy. It offers me an easy solution for nail decoration for my trade shows. I can also create my own nail wraps with my brand on it to market Motivated Motion. It also is a fun thing to do with my daughter-in-laws and girlfriends for HEN time. People ask, what is that on your nails? Questions always mean a potential customer to the sales marketer. On average I work 2 trade shows a month. My hands are my tool for trade shows. Showcasing my sculptures, or my radio show, or The South Hill Jewelry or Juice+ depending on the type of trade show it is. You may find us at Fan Expo, or Pet Expo, or a Wellness Expo, or a Bridal Show. Each type of show speaks to one of our product line. Where each of our lines is also marketed separately with their own sites and business cards, our is our full product line platform. The one-stop-shopping place created for the customers who helped shape how the business evolved. I jokingly say Motivated Motion is business I have for retirement to keep me out of trouble. Now retirement feels like a myth. Today retirement dreams include another evolution of the complete RV bus Motivated Motion Mobile shop travelling from coast to coast, and lauching in Europe.


Written by Lynn Tucker — August 18, 2015

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