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We are proud to announce we have finally launched doTERRA Canada.  This means we have doTERRA essential oils available at the studio and we also offer you options to purchase them direct from our Canadian or US warehouses online.  You can browse our site at

You can join up like a COSTCO memebership and get a discount passed on directly to you.  If you take the initiative to recruit your friends you can offset the cost of your own oils and earn free oils each month.  But you don't have to.  You can also just join as a preferred member and get a 10-30% discount on

your oils.

Any questions you can email us at


We are now into the second round of THE SESSIONS.  This Spiritual Psychic Development Series is none like you have ever taken before.  Elsie Lynn Leyland has developed this series.  It is a pragmatic approach to Psychic and Spiritual Development sharing some of the secrets the Medium never shares. 

SESSION #1 is a prerequisite for any of the other SESSIONS, but any of the subsiquent sessions can be taken in any order.

THE SESSIONS ARE three hours long.  They are offered in Oshawa at The Motivated Motion Studio, and in Stouffville at Moonflower's Magical Touch.  They continue all summer, so you can pick one up at either location.

Cost is $45.00

You get a CD meditation on Ground and Protect with SESSION #1

You get written chapters with each SESSION

THE SESSIONS is Elsie's next book, so you are on the ground as the FIRST to get the book with your classes.

SESSION #1- "In The Beginning"

SESSION #2- "The Physics of Spirit"

SESSION #3- "The Entities"

SESSION #4- "Merit and The Dead"

SESSION #5- "The Exercise in Positive"

Written by Alex Tucker — June 06, 2016

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