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Talking To The Medium-By Elsie Lynn Leyland

The hardest part of being a medium is giving the message.  Not the content of the message (for the medium does not comprehend or understand the message, they just give it) but the actual expressing the message to the recipient.

It seems like it should be easy: Talk to dead person, get proof from dead person, get message from dead person. Give message from dead person.

Time and time again the message is lost before it even begins.


Because the recipient has a preconceived notion of who they will get from the other side, what that person will say and are stuck within that mandate.

Now humour me for a minute.

Imagine a spirit on the other side working for years to get a message across to this plain of existence.  They pick their recipient. Who is this person?  The person on this plain of existence they have watched over that person's whole lifetime.  Their Human Charge.  The one they are the Spirit Guide for.  Finally the person makes a movement toward them with a Medium.  The big opportunity is there! So exciting!  A chance to do their work!  Spirit presses to give a message then hopes to do the next step of helping another passed loved on move to connect at soul level.  The job they have waited so patiently to do.

The recipient sits across from the medium as they speak out the Proof and the Message and it falls on deaf ears.

"Nope, Nope, Nope there is no one in Spirit who is named that and died like that.  Nope it is not for me."

The Medium did their job and explained before the reading that a Spirit Guide may come first if they are the strongest, and the Spirit Guide would help them connect with their loved ones at a Soul Level if they are not able or strong enough to do it themselves....A spirit guide may not be known to them.....

That information completely glossed over.  Discounted.

Immediately the recipient believes they did not connect and ends the reading.

What is the problem with the scene?  A whole lifetime of a person has passed. In that whole life time the guide who has been watching over them since the day they were born finally connects.  And because it was not "Aunt Tilly" the recipient did not want a message.  The Guide would have connected to Aunt Tilly for the recipient if given the chance, but they had their own message or acknowledgement they wanted to connect first.

So the Spirit Guide did not get to give their message and they did not get to do their job to help connect folks at a soul level, because the Recipient was only interested in the message they WANTED not the message they NEEDED.

When a Spirit Guide reveals themselves listen to the message.  It may be more life altering than the message from Aunt Tilly.  Your Guide chose to watch over you for a life time.  They do understand impact.





Essential Oils and THE SESSIONS

We are proud to announce we have finally launched doTERRA Canada.  This means we have doTERRA essential oils available at the studio and we also offer you options to purchase them direct from our Canadian or US warehouses online.  You can browse our site at

You can join up like a COSTCO memebership and get a discount passed on directly to you.  If you take the initiative to recruit your friends you can offset the cost of your own oils and earn free oils each month.  But you don't have to.  You can also just join as a preferred member and get a 10-30% discount on

your oils.

Any questions you can email us at


We are now into the second round of THE SESSIONS.  This Spiritual Psychic Development Series is none like you have ever taken before.  Elsie Lynn Leyland has developed this series.  It is a pragmatic approach to Psychic and Spiritual Development sharing some of the secrets the Medium never shares. 

SESSION #1 is a prerequisite for any of the other SESSIONS, but any of the subsiquent sessions can be taken in any order.

THE SESSIONS ARE three hours long.  They are offered in Oshawa at The Motivated Motion Studio, and in Stouffville at Moonflower's Magical Touch.  They continue all summer, so you can pick one up at either location.

Cost is $45.00

You get a CD meditation on Ground and Protect with SESSION #1

You get written chapters with each SESSION

THE SESSIONS is Elsie's next book, so you are on the ground as the FIRST to get the book with your classes.

SESSION #1- "In The Beginning"

SESSION #2- "The Physics of Spirit"

SESSION #3- "The Entities"

SESSION #4- "Merit and The Dead"

SESSION #5- "The Exercise in Positive"

Jewelry Additions to the Shop

Over the next week you will notice our South Hill Lockets and accessories will be for sale right on the page.  South Hill has gone into receivership, so we now are not obligated to sell through the SH web site.  They broke the contract.  We have lots of stock and it will be available online here, and the prices will be fantastic. Remember the lockets are all Stainless Steel and come with a free 18inch stainless steel chain. Also, the Gold and Rose Gold lockets are plated in 24k gold.  The jewelry sales will be while supplies last.

Tours Announcement

Go Big or Go Home:

Motivated Motion Metaphysical and Motivated Motion South Hill Desigs are Going On The Road

It has been a huge decision to do permanent touring. This year the messages were extremely clear that touring will pay off for us. We have worked hard to streamline our product display for ease of set-up and transportation. We have really evaluated our marketable stock. And most of all came to the decision to Market ME more. The response to our businesses this year has been outstanding. The few big shows we did were much easier on me than planning a ton of little ones. Now I know ahead of time when I am working, I don't have to spend hours on the net looking for events, and this will fit into our dream plan of traveling the country in an RV in the nearer future. We have a great team of helpers who can step in when Carl cannot come with me too. I will still do some of my more personal fairs and church fundraisers, but I am not going to take on any new ones. If you want me for Fundraiser events you can email me. We will do several fundraisers a year as well. Plus we can now offer your fundraiser a chance at our Altruistic Monday Program for Online Shopping.

 Elsie Leyland- Psychic Medium

The Elsie Hits the Road Tour was a great hit with us. So we are going on the road. We are billeted as Motivated Motion Presents Elsie Lynn Leyland Psychic Medium. The Canadian Tour with First Star is:

Toronto: GTA Psychic Fair and Expo: Oct 30, 31,Nov 1st 2015-International Centre
Hall Nº 6 − 6900 Airport Rd., Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Peterborough: Evinrude Centre: Nov 6, 7, 8 -2015
911 Monaghan Rd., Peterborough, ON Canada

Kitchener: Bingemans Conference Centre: Jan 8, 9, 10 -2016
425 Bingemans Centre Dr., Kitchener, ON Canada

Niagara: Holiday Inn & Suites
Parkway Conference Centre: Feb 5, 6, 7- 2016
327 Ontario St., St. Catharines, ON Canada

CNE Toronto: Exhibition Place : April 22, 23, 24, -2016
Queen Elizabeth Building - 180 Princes' Blvd, Toronto, ON Canada

Kitchener: Bingemans Conference Centre: May 20,21, 22, 23- 2016
425 Bingemans Centre Dr., Kitchener, ON Canada

Niagara: Holiday Inn & Suites
Parkway Conference Centre: July 15, 16, 17- 2016
327 Ontario St., St. Catharines, ON Canada

Motivated Motion South Hill Designs has become the exclusive South Hill Rep of Canadian Pet Expo. We will be touring with Canadian Pet Expo. Our Tour:

Fall Canadian Pet Expo: The International Centre Toronto Sept 19, 20- 2015
6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON L4V 1E8

Toronto Christmas Pet Show: Downsview Park Nov 19, 20- 2015
35 Carl Hall Rd, Toronto, ON M3K 2B6

Spring Canadian Pet Expo: The International Centre Toronto March 25, 26, 27, 28- 2016
6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON L4V 1E8

Lynn Tucker- Owner of Motivated Motion

Listening to the Client

I find marketing strategies are changing constantly now.  I try really hard to keep up with all of the trends in marketing, but I constantly feel like I fall behind with the trends. Our business has absolutely evolved from our Clients' needs. When we have evolutions within Motivated Motion they fulfill two things: either our Retail Customer has requested the item, or we are adjusting our world to accomodate our own need. I would not have been able to predict how much Motivated Motion would change since year 2000 when it was founded. In 2000 Motivated Motion was my logistics company when I drove long haul truck across the Americas. Then in 2003 it evolved to accomodate my new Drving Instruction company. In 2005 when I retired I shelved the business for one year, then blossomed it in 2006 as my new Crafting Company, and my Etsy shop grew out of that. Then of course we evolved to a full retail business. In 2014 I fractured my back and decided to pack in the retail shop and re-jig our creative home studio to accomodate the business. During the 2013 season we also purchased a radio show and added another corporation to the collection. The Beyond The Mundane radio show addresses our customer base's interests and we have a platform for advertizement. Each piece of this business puzzle would evolve from customer questions wants and needs. So in the 2014 evolution of Motivated Motion we removed our created jewelry line and replaced it with our South Hill line. This was to allow me to concentate on our fibre creations line so it still feels like a hobby. The metaphysical products were added in 2012 to enhance our created lines to satisfy our like-minded customers. Through my personal journey of monsterous amount of weight loss, nutrition supplements became important. Folks constantly asked me what I was doing to help me keep my energy up and stay well. Thus in 2015 we added our Juice Plus+ line to the products we sell.  Jamberry strictly came out of marketing strategy. It offers me an easy solution for nail decoration for my trade shows. I can also create my own nail wraps with my brand on it to market Motivated Motion. It also is a fun thing to do with my daughter-in-laws and girlfriends for HEN time. People ask, what is that on your nails? Questions always mean a potential customer to the sales marketer. On average I work 2 trade shows a month. My hands are my tool for trade shows. Showcasing my sculptures, or my radio show, or The South Hill Jewelry or Juice+ depending on the type of trade show it is. You may find us at Fan Expo, or Pet Expo, or a Wellness Expo, or a Bridal Show. Each type of show speaks to one of our product line. Where each of our lines is also marketed separately with their own sites and business cards, our is our full product line platform. The one-stop-shopping place created for the customers who helped shape how the business evolved. I jokingly say Motivated Motion is business I have for retirement to keep me out of trouble. Now retirement feels like a myth. Today retirement dreams include another evolution of the complete RV bus Motivated Motion Mobile shop travelling from coast to coast, and lauching in Europe.


We Have Added Some Features and Products to Motivated Motion

We had great success with the Elsie Hits the Road Tour!  I was so excited when we got back I started planning our fall season.  If you want to participate in any of our events or workshops, we have them all listed on our MEETUP.  Go to  and register for our MEETUP group and get the latest news on what we are doing.  It gets updated much faster than our Events Calendar.  We use the MEETUP to keep really great data on RSVP's and reach a wider audience which is like-minded.

We have also added the Locket Builder feature to our tabs.  This is an awesome tool to help you build your locket and see how the charms look inside, then buy it on the spot and have it delivered right to your home within about 8 business days.  HINT: if the charm pops into the locket in the wrong position for your desire then delete it and pop it in again. It drops in different every time.

As the fall approaches more and more items will be available in the locket builder, so keep coming back.  I like this as a fun jewelry making game too. As long as you don't click the buy button you can have hours of fun playing with the locket builder.


We have added Jamberry Nail Wraps to our Product Line.  The reason for this is quite simple.  Many of my Vendor counterparts have to demo stuff and constantly have to keep their nails nice.  Jamberry is long-lasting through our long trade-show weekends and helps prevent nail cracks.

I used the Jamberry wraps on the whole 10,000 mile Elsie Hits The Road Tour and they were supreme!

For me the Personalized Design your own wrap feature was the thing that sold me.  The moment I joined I created a custom MOTIVATED MOTION wrap that can I can wear to promote my business.  It features our great Motivated Motion Mouse in the brand.

What is NEW with Motivated Motion

Lots is NEW at Motivated Motion.

We have moved to our Oshawa Studio. We now are exclusively fulfilling customers at the Studio in Oshawa during our classes and workshops and sessions. We are also available to our customers for personal shopping by appointment.  For a personal shopping appointment please email us at

We have some products available NOW on our site.  We have our South Hill Designs web site running and ready for your orders. Shipping is a flat rate fee of $6.95 and you pay no duty in the Sister Countries.  If you are shopping from another country just make sure your country flag is in the top right corner of the pages.  If you cannot find your country flag then use the Canadian Flag to browse the catalogue and send us an email of the items that interest you and we will process the order manually.(note shipping will be higher and you may have to pay duty on items we have to send manually from Canada.)

Our JuicePlus+ and Tower Garden Products are available to be shipped all over the world.  You can use those sites to order directly from us.


We have added Psychic Party Deposits and Psychic Readings, and Hypnosis Sessions and Hypnosis Courses to our inventory.


We have added Gift Certificates to our Products too.  If you want to use a gift certificate to purchase South Hill please email us your intentions and we will do a manual order and then create a unique product for you to apply your gift certificate to.

We can generate Gift Certificates in the JuicePlus+ and Tower Garden Sites so you can contact us for help with that.